Entry #117

Hello guys....

2014-01-29 21:59:14 by batboylols

I am back. Don't expect me to be the same person you met years before. I have a youtube account and make animations. I boast over 220 subs with a spark of emergance of a new type of community on the internet.


So anyways, I am back. Because I have to keep in touch with someone who have been kicked out of the community. And yeah he is building an army to attack the community too....


sooooo yeah..........Btw, he acts like me when I was younger (on new grounds) lol.



Edit: Over 350 Subs XD


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2014-01-30 09:26:22

And that person is...Obviously me...


2014-04-04 19:55:03

Hey. I'd like to talk sometime. I wanna be forgiven for all that bad stuff i've done to you in the past years of this site. I didn't know what I was doing...

Listen. I just wanna get to know you. You seem like a moderately nice guy. Maybe message me sometime if you want to talk, hopefully to put the past behind us and bury the hatchet...?

batboylols responds:

We're cool. I am sorry too for....um.... acting a bit immature back then, but it is understandable as I was younger and bit inexperienced to these kinds of websites like Newgrounds. Also the fact that I was a little shy back then and wanted to show people what I had created so I could be like one of those famous people on new grounds.....but we all know how that ended up.

Anyways, I am glad we shook hands.


2014-04-05 20:55:07

Thank you. You have no idea the relief you have taken off of my scarred soul.


2014-06-07 14:13:46



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